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Hello everyone,

My name is Paul, and for almost 12 years I have been keeping and raising fish; I fell in love with fish keeping so much so that I swapped from one aquarium to another and soon enough I found the “perfect fish species” named Cichlidae.

As soon as I got my first Cichlid I knew these are not your ordinary fish, they are so much more intelligent, depicting own personalities and behavior that is an absolute love to watch and enjoy; it was love at the first site.

Since then I had the pleasure of owning and raising over 70 species of cichlids (here is a complete list)

Since the family Cichlidae has spread to every corner of the world, I had time to raise and observe only a hand few of them; the most interesting of them all that I owned were from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika.

I decided to share the experience with all of you and try to present species with pictures and information so that all may experience them and in hopes that the information here will help you.

This is how this site was born… I will publish articles as often as I can.

The first articles will be from Lake Malawi with its 3 subspecies:

  • Aulonocara
  • Mbunas
  • Haplochromis.

With more to follow from Lake Tanganyika and then from Victoria and also South America.

I encourage everyone that wants to join and contribute to the site, either sharing your experience or sharing pictures or videos please do not hesitate to contact me here I will contact you as soon as possible.

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Here are some of my beloved fish:

I would like also to say a special thanks to my friend Radu who design this site beautiful Logo.

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Thank you very much Radu!